Lesson #5, Assignment #1

Lesson #5, Assignment #1 - Study the case"The Timken...

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Study the case, "The Timken Company" on pages 92-102 of the text Management Communication: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition). Using the categories and questions outlined on pages 4-5 of the required text and the sample (Exhibit 1.1) on page 6, complete a communication analysis to help you understand and analyze this case. Answer the following questions concerning the case "The Timken Company." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. What key messages does The Timken Company need to send to its workforce? The Timken Company must determine the right media to inform its workforce of pending pay cuts and layoffs. Burt Jones, the director of employee relations, must draft a communications policy to be approved by management that will appease the majority of employees. In drafting this policy, he must balance the perceived benefits to employees with management s conservative approach to limiting employee communication; he must attend to both audiences
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Lesson #5, Assignment #1 - Study the case"The Timken...

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