Lesson #5, Assignment #2

Lesson #5, Assignment #2 - Develop an action plan...

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Develop an action plan (1000-1200 words) for The Timken Company's 1986 employee communication program using the following Plan of Action formula: 1. Recommendation: Give a brief overview of the course of action you are proposing. 2. Analysis: Provide a review of the reasonable alternatives and give an explanation of why your choice is the best among them. Also, identify why the costs of your choice are worth incurring. 3. Implementation: Outline what next steps need to be taken if your proposal is adopted. This exercise will require you to balance the views of top management who must approve the program against the concerns of the workforce which constitutes the program’s primary audience. You might wish to ask yourself: Since the audiences for The Timken Company's communication program are multiple and often divergent in their interests, should the company send different messages to different audiences? How should the program be administered? How receptive is our primary audience to our message? How can I persuade top management that this program will work? What benefits can I offer top management that might induce them to accept more two-way communication? Should I consider a gradualist approach and, if so, how much should I reveal of it to any of my audiences now? I. Recommendation: We need to improve our employee communication program in order to minimize the crisis situation of ensuing layoffs and pay cuts across the board. This can be done by: a. Replace existing references to the top-down OWOC campaign in favor of increasing management s transparency and accountability to employees (including financial statements). b. Seek worker input on ways of improving job satisfaction, work quality, etc. by increasing the
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Lesson #5, Assignment #2 - Develop an action plan...

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