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Lesson #5, Assignment #4 - Regarding the case"Vanrex Inc...

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Regarding the case "Vanrex, Inc.," the editor of the local newspaper, The Hayestown Clarion, has invited Rubin to respond to the local outcry through a letter to the editor that will be published next week. Taking the role of Rubin, write the letter that will appear in the newspaper. Your letter should be 300-400 words Letter to the Editor: Dear readers of the Hayestown Clarion, As general manager of your local Vanrex plant, I have been working hard to ensure that emissions are kept to a minimum. Vanrex takes environmental awareness seriously; only recently has there been any concern from the locals regarding our emissions levels and I hope to prove to you that we are working our best to improve our factory for you. We have heard protests from many in our community regarding the smell in the air and the thin dust that is emitted. Emission levels have remained very low in the following years, and we have recently taken several steps to decrease extra emissions.
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