Lesson #6, Assignment #3

Lesson#6, - As Dick Garanti of the"Dotsworth Press case complete Mary Wilsons performance appraisal form(you can copy and paste it to your Word

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As Dick Garanti of the "Dotsworth Press" case, complete Mary Wilson’s performance appraisal form (you can copy and paste it to your Word document) and provide the one-page (300-500 words) assessment requested. Employee Performance Appraisal Form Please complete the following appraisal of the employee’s performance over the past year. Quality of Performance: Conditional Satisfactory Superior Productivity : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Attitude : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Initiative : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Please attach a one-page assessment of the performance of this employee during the past year. Please note areas that need improvement, specific accomplishments, other outstanding areas of interest. Employee Comments: If you choose, you may express your comments about your supervisor's evaluation. Your signature indicates that you have read the above appraisal of your performance; it implies neither approval nor disapproval of the evaluation. Employee Signature:
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