Lesson #8, Assignment #1

Lesson #8, Assignment #1 - Using the categories and...

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Using the categories and questions outlined on pages 4-5 of the required text and the sample (Exhibit 1.1) on page 6, complete a communication analysis to help you understand and analyze this case. Answer the following questions concerning the case "Hammermill Paper Company." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. How should corporate headquarters communicate the new planning procedure to the organization? Who should constitute the primary audience for communications about the planned change? Are there important secondary audiences? What role should written communications play in introducing the change? What role should oral communications play? In communicating their plan to centralize financial operations, Hammermill Headquarters must take into account all audiences involved, even though division managers are directly affected. Secondary audiences include employees, investors, and corporate middle management. 2. Who should be the primary source for communications about planning with each audience? What role should the CEO play? What role should the "responsible officer" play? In general,
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Lesson #8, Assignment #1 - Using the categories and...

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