Lesson #10, Assignment #3

Lesson #10, Assignment #3 - As Kirk of the"Reed-Watkins...

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As Kirk of the "Reed-Watkins Pharmaceuticals" case, write two letters, one to your region and one to the VP for personnel. The goals for these communications are to: 1. Address the lack of follow-up to memo of March 5, 2000. 2. Outline the action steps that will be taken to address the issue. 3. Reinforce the value of diversity to the organization. To All Reed-Watkins Southwest Employees: On March 5th I sent a memo to all Reed employees in the region indicating the values of the Diversity Initiative. I apologize for not following up on the matter since the merger began. I now would like to call attention to several reasons why diversity is an important factor in the company, and end the letter with a call to action for those interested in improving or diversity program. Many of you have heard of the diversity program that we created several years ago to ensure that diversity was cultivated and valued throughout the company. Our reason for embracing diversity is simple: an open, free-thinking exchange among different cultures and
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Lesson #10, Assignment #3 - As Kirk of the"Reed-Watkins...

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