Tutorial 1 - Question 8 A class has 60 students They need...

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EE 2000 Logic Circuit Design, Semester A, 2008/09 Tutorial 1 Week 2 (8 th , 10 th , 11 th September, 2008) The questions are divided into three levels. Level 1 is the review questions. You should able to answer them after attending the lecture. Level 2 is the problems. You should take a revision of the book before answering them. Level 3 is challenge exercise. They are advanced problems. Please be prepared before the tutorial. Level 1: Review Questions Question 1: Represent the number 1234 in (a) Binary, (b) BCD, (c) Excess-3 code Question 3: A binary with n bits all of which are 1s has the value Question 5: Convert (1BC.D) H into a binary number
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Unformatted text preview: Question 8: A class has 60 students. They need to be assigned binary roll numbers. How many bits are required? Question 42: Obtain the 1’s and 2’s complements of the given number 1011 0011 1011 Question 48: Using 2’s complement addition method, find the result of 01100 - 00011 Level 3: Challenge Exercise Question I: Determine the value of x if (211) x = (152) 8 . Question II: In the lecture, we only discuss the r ’s-complement and ( r-1)’s-complement of an integer number. Guess the 1’s complement and 2’s complement of the following fractional binary numbers. (a) 010.11 (b) 11011.100...
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