Assignment Motivation Evaluation

Assignment Motivation Evaluation - Assignment: Motivation...

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Assignment: Motivation Evaluation Jennifer Hood PSY/230
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2 My choice for a motivational person is my second cousin, evangelist and author Beth Moore. Beth was born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin as the fourth child of a retired Army major and homemaker. She spent most of her formative years in Arkansas, where her father managed a local cinema – which provided work and social instruction for all the children in the family. This work with the cinema stayed with Beth, who has always been fond of hearing and telling stories, especially those that are motivational and have positive characteristics. However, it was Beth’s passionate love of the stories of Jesus that caused her to hear a higher calling, enrolling in SW Texas State University, and graduating with a degree in Political Science. She married in 1978, and began to raise a family. During her time as a young mother, Beth often volunteered for Christian outreach, teaching ministries, but it was a class taught by Buddy Walters that moved her to seriously study the Bible and act of the call she heard to preach (“About
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Assignment Motivation Evaluation - Assignment: Motivation...

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