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CheckPoint My Experience

CheckPoint My Experience - I believe that at least ninety...

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CheckPoint: My Experience The event I am thinking about has most certainly changed my personality in many ways. When I was fifteen, let me just say I had a sexual experience that was against my will. Having been through this type of situation at the age of fifteen caused me to be very self conscious among other things, but where my personality has changed for the most part is that I allow people to control me from fear of the outcome if I do not allow them. This has made me become very unhappy throughout my life and now in my marriage I am allowing myself to be controlled and in turn causing myself to be unhappy.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that at least ninety percent of my personality has been determined by environmental influences. I have been through many things in my short twenty-three years, things not most at the age of twenty-three should have had to suffer through. These events have greatly shaped the type of person I have become today and will continue to shape the type of person I will be. The other ten percent of my personality I would consider to be genetically influenced, I have personality traits from both my mother and my father’s sides of the family....
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