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CheckPoint: Observations I use the process of unsystematic observation every day in my life. We may not be aware of this process, but it is utilized on an ongoing basis. I use it when I meet new people. I listen and interpret the information that I receive from the people I meet, this observation process happens whenever I encounter unfamiliar situations. It is part of how I determine how to respond in different situations under different circumstances. I often use building theories in both my professional and personal life. I use this process when someone is acting in a way I do not understand and must make an analysis to understand them. I
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Unformatted text preview: look at other sources for stress that may be affecting their attitude or actions; such as if they had an argument with a friend and if they are not feeling well. If I can determine a reasonable source for their stress then I can be more compassionate in my own response to the situation. I also use evaluating propositions in my everyday life but I call this judging people. This happens when I guess the type of person someone might be and I make a judgment based on that guess. These are also what I do to myself in order to determine my personality....
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