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Effects of Dehydration - Copy

Effects of Dehydration - Copy - Effects of Dehydration...

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Effects of Dehydration Jennifer Hood SCI/241 Jan. 08, 2011 Water Humans can live for a year without shelter, for months without food, but only for days without water. That shows how important water is to us. Water is life. It is next to oxygen in importance in sustaining life. Water is needed by
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Effects of Dehydration 2 the body cells, tissues, muscles and system organs. Without water, there will be no life. Water is actually not a nutrient but is considered as an important nutrient. It is highly needed to maintain life. The most important role of water perhaps is its being a component of blood. It is also important in maintaining body temperature as well as in elimination of body wastes. Water is required in digestion and metabolism and it functions in the regulation of the body temperature. Aside from serving as cushion to the joints, it keeps the tissues and mucus membrane moist. And not to forget that water also helps in maintaining the body weight. In our daily life, we feel thirsty. This is a signal from the brain that the body needs water. It is a way of saying that the body has some sort of “dehydration” and needs to refill. When the body does not get the required amount of water, the function of the kidneys is to eliminate the body’s wastes and toxins by altering them. The problem will not be only in the elimination but it can lead to more serious problems. There will be no sufficient control of body temperature. The body can go up to the extreme temperatures or it will not be able to raise the temperature from an extremely cool temperatures. It can cause physical and mental sluggishness and can make a person look drowsy and groggy and the mental functions can have some alteration. The
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