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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison - Copy - Healthy Eating Plan...

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Jennifer Hood SCI/241
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Healthy Eating 2 Healthy Eating Plan Comparison I will always recall a personal experience I had in taking this class. I was well aware since the very beginning that my diet is not perfectly healthy but holding on to the belief that my body is properly nourished with what I thought is needed for to keep a good health. I have full confidence that I am well for the basis that I am always energetic. When someone rarely gets sick, that would rarely cause some doubts of being unhealthy. Just to think that without any signs and symptoms of any malnourishment, is more than enough to make me feel being satisfactorily healthy and could not ask for more expectation of nearing into perfection. I am just a simple person getting easily satisfied with what I believe is just within the norms. At the start of this course I did a short contemplation looking back at what I eat and what sort of daily nutrition is received by my body. To my surprise, I realized that I was blinded by my belief that I get the daily nutrition that my body is supposed to receive. What I found in my quick analysis lead me to the path of making some changes in what I take everyday and guided me to create a diet plan most healthy and appropriate for me based on what I learned from this course. I am not ashamed to disclose that I have been used to eat three square meals a day. There is really no much variation in what I eat everyday. I usually have a bowl of cereal in the morning, chicken and rice for lunch and salad for dinner. I had been a believer on the power water can give so whatever it takes, I always try to drink lots of water every day. Since I was young, I loved fruit shakes and nuts. I realized that I was
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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison - Copy - Healthy Eating Plan...

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