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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison 1 - Copy - Healthy Eating...

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Jennifer Hood Axia College SCI 241 Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Nutrition is a very important part of life. Eating healthy requires that we change some of our current nutritional habits. Since week one, there have been a few minor changes in nutritional habits. For instance, now milk is more a part of the diet than before and grains have also seen an increase in the diet. In the first Food Diary Checkpoint, there was only a 0.1 cup of milk daily intake, while in the second Food Diary Checkpoint revealed that now there is an average intake of 1.5 cups of milk. Also, because of the incorporation of oatmeal into my diet there has been an increase in fiber. However, most of the results from the second Food Diary Checkpoint show that my diet basically consists of most of the same foods as before, foods that are low in nutrient density. For instance, in the 1 st Food Diary Checkpoint, the diet still includes 2 waffles for breakfast instead of cereal. As aforementioned, oatmeal is now a part of my breakfast, but most foods in my diet have remained unchanged. Therefore, the results of the diet still compared quite poorly to the recommendations received from the Food Guide Pyramid. Moreover, for some food groups there were still less than 1% of the servings recommended. The totals indicated that there is an unsatisfactory consumption of the foods recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid. Primarily, there still needs to be an increase in milk intake and an increase in fruits and vegetables. There is only a 1.5 cup serving of milk compared to the recommended 3 cups. Also, 1 cup of fruit, compared to the 1.2 cup should be a healthy part of the diet. A huge deficiency in the diet is the
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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison 1 - Copy - Healthy Eating...

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