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Reflections on Nutrition This course indeed is very interesting aside from being highly educational. I learned many important aspects of the science of nutrition. I knew nutrition is highly needed by the body but little that I know that the body needs tons of different nutritional elements to function effectively. I thought getting the major substances is all that is important but this course has enlightened my understanding that even in traces, an inadequacy of certain elements that may be thought as not so important can cause significant effects that can alter the normal functioning of the body systems. All nutritional elements, even those required in traces have their specific roles to play. I enjoyed the most the preparation of PowerPoint presentation on the nutritional requirements at different lifespan. The nutritional substances are all similar
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Unformatted text preview: yet have differences on the specific amounts required which I felt was just like having mathematical figure differences. The figures of the requirements can be confusing so I got a hint that an individual should make a simple list to comply with the suggested requirements. The healthy eating plan comparison made great effects on my health and nutrition habits. Upon completion of the activities in the mypyramidtracker website, I realized that any little change in the diet and exercise make lots of changes in ones general health. The activities lead me to understand that certain foods in certain amounts and the amount of exercise greatly affect the general health condition. From that activity, I found myself to start planning a healthy diet and exercise best needed by my body....
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