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Lecture1-Intro-6up - EE141-Fall 2010 Digital Integrated...

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EE141 1 EECS141 1 Lecture #1 EE141 EE141- Fall 2010 Fall 2010 Digital Integrated Digital Integrated Circuits Circuits TuTh TuTh 11 11- 12:30pm 12:30pm 277 Cory 277 Cory Instructor: Elad Alon EE141 2 EECS141 2 Lecture #1 What is this class all about? What is this class all about? Introduction to digital integrated circuit design engineering Will describe models and key concepts needed to be a good digital IC designer Models allow us to reason about circuit behavior Allow analysis and optimization of the circuit’s performance, power, cost, etc. Understanding circuit behavior is key to making sure it will actually work Teach you how to make sure your circuit works Do you want your transistor to be the one that screws up a 1 billion transistor chip? EE141 3