Lecture1-Intro-6up - EE141-Fall 2010 Digital Integrated...

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EE141 1 EECS141 1 Lecture #1 EE141 EE141 -Fall 2010 Fall 2010 Digital Integrated Digital Integrated Circuits Circuits TuTh TuTh 11 11 -12:30pm 12:30pm 277 Cory 277 Cory Instructor: Elad Alon EE141 2 EECS141 2 Lecture #1 What is this class all about? What is this class all about? ± Introduction to digital integrated circuit design engineering ² Will describe models and key concepts needed to be a good digital IC designer ± Models allow us to reason about circuit behavior ² Allow analysis and optimization of the circuit’s performance, power, cost, etc. ² Understanding circuit behavior is key to making sure it will actually work ± Teach you how to make sure your circuit works ² Do you want your transistor to be the one that screws up a 1 billion transistor chip? EE141 3 EECS141 3 Lecture #1 Detailed Topics Detailed Topics ± CMOS devices and manufacturing technology ± CMOS gates ± Memories ± Propagation delay, noise margins, power ± Combinational and sequential circuits ± Interconnect ± Timing and clocking ± Arithmetic building blocks ± Design methodologies EE141 4 EECS141 4 Lecture #1 What will you learn? What will you learn? ± Understanding, designing, and optimizing digital circuits for various quality metrics: ² Performance (speed) ² Power dissipation ² Cost ² Reliability EE141 5 EECS141 5 Lecture #1 Practical Information Practical Information ± Instructor ² Prof. Elad Alon 519 Cory Hall, 642-0237, [email protected] Office hours: Tu./Th. 2-3pm ± TAs: ² Chintan Thakkar, [email protected] (OH: Wed. 2-4pm) ² Hanh-Phuc Le, [email protected] (OH: Mon. 4-5pm) ± Web page: http://bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu/Classes/ICDesign/EE141_f10/ EE141 6 EECS141 6 Lecture #1 Discussions and Labs ± Discussion sessions ² F 9-10am (Chintan) ² M 5-6pm (Hanh-Phuc) ² F 2-3pm ² Same material in all sessions! ± Labs (125 Cory) ² M 3-6pm (Chintan) ² F 10am-1pm Æ 2-5pm? (Hanh-Phuc) ² Tu 1-4pm ² Machines to left of double doors, with larger monitors ± Please choose one lab session and stick with it!
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EE141 7 EECS141 7 Lecture #1 Lab (TBA) 353 Cory M T W R F 891 0 1 1 1 2123456 Lab (Phuc) 125 Cory Lab (Chintan) 125 Cory DISC* (TBA) 241 Cory DISC* (??) 241 Cory Lec (Elad) 277 Cory Problem Sets Due Lec (Elad) 277 Cory * Discussion sections wil cover identical material OH (Elad) 519 Cory Your EECS141 Week Your EECS141 Week DISC* (Phuc) 241 Cory OH (Elad) 519 Cory OH (Phuc) TBD Cory OH (Chintan) TBD Cory EE141 8 EECS141 8 Lecture #1 Class Organization Class Organization ± 9 Assignments ±
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Lecture1-Intro-6up - EE141-Fall 2010 Digital Integrated...

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