Lecture2-IC-Basics-6up - EE141-Fall 2010 Digital Integrated...

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EE141 1 EECS141 1 Lecture #2 EE141 EE141 -Fall 2010 Fall 2010 Digital Integrated Digital Integrated Circuits Circuits Lecture 2 Lecture 2 Integrated Circuit Basics: Integrated Circuit Basics: Manufacturing and Cost Manufacturing and Cost EE141 2 EECS141 2 Lecture #2 Administrative Stuff Administrative Stuff ± Discussions start this Friday ± Labs start next week ± Homework #1 is due this Thursday ² Everyone should have an EECS instructional account ² Use cory, quasar, pulsar EE141 3 EECS141 3 Lecture #2 HSPICE Syntax HSPICE Syntax Simple CMOS inverter .include '/home/ff/ee141/MODELS/gpdk090_mos.sp‘ TT_s1v * netlist Vdd vdd 0 1.2 VIN in 0 PULSE 0 1.2 200ps 100ps 100ps 2ns 4ns M0 out in vdd vdd gpdk090_pmos1V L=100e-9 W=120e-9 M1 out in gnd gnd gpdk090_nmos1V L=100e-9 W=120e-9 R1 in gnd 10K R2 out vdd 100K * extra control information .options post=2 nomod * analysis .op .TRAN .01ns 3ns .DC VIN 0 1.2 .001 .END EE141 4 EECS141 4 Lecture #2 Last Lecture Last Lecture ± Last lecture ² Introduction, Moore’s law, future of ICs ± Today’s lecture ² Introduce basics of integrated circuit manufacturing and cost ± Reading: Ch 2.1, 2.2 EE141 5 EECS141 5 Lecture #2 CMOS CMOS Manufacturing
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Lecture2-IC-Basics-6up - EE141-Fall 2010 Digital Integrated...

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