Lecture6-Inverter_Delay_Opt-6up - EE141-Fall 20010 Digital...

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EE141 1 EECS141 1 Lecture #6 EE141 EE141 -Fall 20010 Fall 20010 Digital Integrated Digital Integrated Circuits Circuits Lecture 6 Lecture 6 Inverter Delay Optimization Inverter Delay Optimization EE141 2 EECS141 2 Lecture #6 Announcements Announcements ± Lab #2 Mon., Lab #3 Fri. ± Homework #3 due Thursday ± Homework #4 due next Thursday EE141 3 EECS141 3 Lecture #6 Class Material Class Material ± Last lecture ² Overview of Semiconductor Memory ± Today’s lecture ² Inverter Delay Optimization ± Reading (5.4, 5.5) EE141 4 EECS141 4 Lecture #6 Inverter Chain Inverter Chain C L In Out ± For some given C L : ² How many stages are needed to minimize delay? ² How to size the inverters? ± Anyone want to guess the solution? EE141 5 EECS141 5 Lecture #6 Careful about Optimization Careful about Optimization Problems Problems ± Get fastest delay if build one very big inverter ² So big that delay is set only by self-loading ± Likely not the problem you’re interested in ² Someone has to drive this inverter… EE141 6 EECS141 6 Lecture #6 Engineering Optimization Problems in General ± Need to have a set of constraints ± Constraints key to: ² Making the result useful ² Making the problem have a ‘clean’ solution ± For sizing problem: ² Need to constrain size of first inverter
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EE141 7 EECS141 7 Lecture #6 Delay Optimization Problem #1 Delay Optimization Problem #1 ± You are given: ² A fixed number of inverters ² The size of the first inverter ² The size of the load that needs to be driven ±
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Lecture6-Inverter_Delay_Opt-6up - EE141-Fall 20010 Digital...

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