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Quiz_2_Study_Guide - PHIL 104 QUIZ 2 STUDY GUIDE The...

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PHIL 104 Q UIZ 2 S TUDY G UIDE The following should be used as a guide to assist you in your studying for Quiz 2. Remember that the questions are True and False or Multiple-Choice in nature. This means that you need to be able to recognize the correct answer and not have it memorized for a short answer or fill in the blank question. Also, some students do poorly on True and False questions because they read into the question too much. Think of it this way; if the statement is true, then the answer is true. If any part of the statement is false, then the answer is false. Be able to identify: Absolutism,   a belief or system as accepted as complete authority by an  absolute doctrine or being. Moral absolutism, the position that there are absolute standards  against which moral questions can be judged, and that certain actions are good or evil,  regardless of the context of the act. Evolutionary Humanism, man is getting better Fideism, General Revelation,-- God has reveled himself to all persons at all times and places through nature Humanism,--a system of belief that sees humans as the center of everything truth is defined by humans not by God –belief there is no God man is on the throne John Dewey, Imam, Julian Huxley, Resurrection, Secular Humanism,-- Make all types of statements that are both metaphysical and  theological. The orthodox - metaphysical - theological basis of two modern socialism and  liberalism. A comprehensive worldview.   to be religions without divine revelations ---to replace all religion Special Revelation,- Gods disclosure of himself through his word
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PHIL 104 Worldview-   A worldview is defined as a bundle of ideas that says some thing of a theological,  psychological, philosophical, ethnical, biological, sociological, legal, economic, political and  historical nature. Secular humanism addresses each of these subjects and thus represents a  comprehensive worldview. Be able to recognize the issues relating to Jesus’ deity—humble rabbi an insightful teacher-or a good man—insane radical and egotistical What does the Bible say about Jesus’ deity? Son of God—savior of the world—and lord of the universe – New Testament insist our salvation depends on our faith in him Did Jesus claim he was God? Yes Are there other early records that refer to Christ’s deity? Yes Is it important to have a correct view of Jesus in order to become a Christian? Yes Are there other Messiahs aside from Jesus? No What did B.F. Skinner say about morality? He denies the existence of intentions, purposes,  aims, goals, and other internal psychological states. He attacked the idea of autonomomous  man and free will as somehow uncaused. He felt that as new evidences of predictable behavior  are discovered by science, no one will be exempt from complete determinism. Skinner thought 
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Quiz_2_Study_Guide - PHIL 104 QUIZ 2 STUDY GUIDE The...

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