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03_final_1 - FINAL Exam SOLUTIONS STE 5 0A Computer...

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Unformatted text preview: FINAL Exam: SOLUTIONS CMIPSCI 45 3591 STE 5 0A: Computer Networks Spring 2002 (These solutions reelsed slightty, Jamiaiy 2003) Prof. Jim Kurose Question 1: “ Quickies" (2.1 points, 24 minutes) Answer each of the following questions briefly, i.e, in at most afew sentences. 3 points each: at 5) Consider the BGP protocot, an autonom ous system (AS) A, and some destination networkX. How does A control whether or not other autonom oas systems route trafiic destined to X through A? By the paths that it advertises to its neighboring AS s. If A never advertises a path to X to its neighbors, the neighbors will never route to X via A. What does it mean to he "inidti—homed ".9 A computer is multihorned when it is connected to two or more networks. Alternatively, a “stub" network is multihomed if it is attach to two or more ISPs. What is one important dwerence between a bridge and a router? A bridge performs layer 2 “ routing,” using frame addresses rather than layer 3 network address, and does not exchange routing tables with its neighbors. Does an ATM cell carry a source or destination address in its header? Eigptatn. No. An ATM cell instead carries a VPIN CI pair that tells the ATM switch the output port {and new li’PIt‘iir CI pair) for an arriving cell. ATM is switched (using a virtual circuit identifier} rather than routed (on the basis of an explicit destination address). What is the pagoose of a trap message in SW13? To indicate to the NSM that some exceptional condition, or trigger event, has occurred. What is meant by TL? encoding? TLV—encoded data is “ self identifying,” with the type, length, and then value of the data explicitly transmitted, as in ASN.1 Why is it that multimedia applications such as Internet phone will typioatty add a ptayout delay at the receiver? In order to compensate forvarying delays from the sender to the receiver. Question 2: A wireless TCP {18 points, 23 minutes) Consider the scenario shown below — a number of clients that communicate over a wireless link to a router, and from there to a server. ...
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