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Biology of Cancer and AIDS Exam 2B_KEY Instructor: Wilmore Webley, Ph.D. Instructions: Correct Answers are in bold 1. A friend of the family was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45 and was successfully treated. Six years later, she is having terrible hot flashes at the onset of menopause and is considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She is however concerned that HRT will significantly increase her risk of cancer recurrence. Why would HRT increase recurrence of breast cancer? (A) HRT contains estrogen, a hormone associated with the growth of certain types of breast cancer cells (B) HRT will cause damage to proto-oncogenes (C) Her concern is without merit, HRT does not pose a risk for breast cancer recurrence (D) HRT leads to an 86% increase in p53 gene damage often resulting in breast cancer 2. The adverse health effects from cigarette smoking account for an estimated 443,000 deaths and evidence shows that there is no safe level of exposure to smoke. Which of the following describes third hand smoke? (A) Inhalation of smoke that is exhaled by a smoker (B) Inhalation of side stream smoke (C) Smoking a cigarette that has been smoked and extinguished 3 times before (D) Toxic particulates from tobacco smoke left in hair, furniture and clothing 3. After smoking for several years, a chest X-ray and biopsy confirmed that your uncle has the most common type of non-small cell lung carcinoma (he will be ok). Which of the following would be written on his medical records? (A) Squamous cell carcinoma (B) Adenocarcinoma (C) Large cell carcinoma (D) Oat cell carcinoma 4. At age 10, Andrew cannot go out and play in the daytime since sunburns could be fatal. However, at least 4 times each year he gets to go to Camp Sundown where he can play all his favorite games with kids just like him. Andrew has ____, because of a mutation in _______. (A) xeroderma pigmentosum, DNA repair genes (B) leukemia, the bone marrow (C) brain cancer, Ras genes (D) skin cancer, melanocytes 5. Which of the following cancer type would you expect to develop in an individual who has inherited the Rb gene mutation? (A) Osteosarcoma and bladder cancer (B) Colon cancer and breast cancer (C) Melanoma, lung cancer and bladder cancer (D) All of the above (E) Both A and C Page 1 of 7
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6. Mutations in the APC gene are most commonly associated with what type of cancer? (A) Skin (B) Pancreas (C) Colon (D) Breast 7. In class we talked about the classification of colon cancer by the American Joint Commission on Cancer. The T/N/M system of cancer classification identifies all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: (A) Size (B) Shape (C) Lymph node involvement (D) The presence of metastatic growth 8. Which of the following statements about HER-2 is TRUE? (A) It is involved in maintaining telomere length.
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Exam2B - Biology of Cancer and AIDS Exam 2B_KEY Instructor...

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