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Group Presentation Project---Bus381 Suggested Timeline for Preparation Start early. It takes time for you to put together a presentation as a group. So you are expected to have found your topic and the two academic papers THE LATEST one week before your presentation date. It is always a good idea to do a mock practice together as a group to see whether everything functions well. Also, make sure that you have the required equipment or visual aids for your presentation in the classroom (if you are going to use a laptop and PowerPoint Slides, you are responsible for getting the laptop and the projector from LIDC). Get everything ready as early as possible because in the past, we had groups struggling with the set-up of the equipment 10 minutes after the start time of the tutorial (which is a waste of everyone’s time and will negative influence the evaluation of your group performance). Expectations about Your Group Leading Discussion 1. As I pointed out in the first lecture, you are supposed to do your presentation on at least two ACADEMIC articles. Mark gave you a brief talk on what are academic papers and how you can search for academic papers in the second lecture. This is very important and those of you who were not present at the second lecture are suggested to ask your classmates about what you missed. Please note that not all papers from scholarly journals or the recommended databases are academic papers . If you are really not sure about your choice, you can always contact your tutorial leader and ask for feedback before you work on those articles. Before your presentation, do not forget to submit to your tutorial leader your
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Group%20Presentation%20Guideline - Group Presentation...

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