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Group Research Paper Project---Bus381 Suggested Timeline for Preparation One week before the mid-term exam: You have formed your group (no more than four members, within the same tutorial section), have had your first meeting, and have agreed upon a topic. In the week following the mid-term exam: To avoid the last-minute rush, by the end of this week, your group should have (a) finalized your topic, (b) come up with an outline for the paper, (c) got feedback from your tutorial leader about the appropriateness of your topic, started searching for academic papers for your group paper project. (1) How will we be evaluated on this project? How if we have a non-contributing group member? The full score for this project is 100. You will receive a grade (out of 95) from your tutorial leader on your group research paper as a group. The remaining 5 marks for each one of you will be determined by the rest of your group. So when you do peer evaluation on July 19th, you will be asked to give each member on your group (except yourself) a score out of 5, which will then be averaged. So your final grade for this paper project would be: Score on the Paper given by your tutorial leader + the average Score from Peer Evaluation given by your group members As I mentioned during the first lecture, in NO case will we give higher marks to a group because they have a non-contributing group member. Your performance is evaluated as a whole group and Howard, Morgan, and I can only judge your performance based on your end product---your group research paper. The group projects are designed with the purpose of offering you a chance to improve your teamwork skills. You are expected to take this opportunity to exercise your abilities and skills to manage a group project and solve all the possible problems that you may run into during the process. So take initiative and analyze and solve the problem within your own group with your group members! Keep in mind that you are a group and your group project's quality will be determined by every member's preparation and participation. You should talk to your tutorial leader immediately if you cannot resolve the group conflicts (or non-contributing member issues).
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(2) In regards to the style of the paper, does it have to be academic style, or business analysis style, or can we work on a case? It is expected to be academic styled, which does not mean that you cannot work on a case
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Group%20Research%20Paper%20Guideline - Group Research Paper...

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