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Point of view - The guys inside the tank knocked their...

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1 English 101W Point of View 1 Jan 14, 2008 T ERMS First-person narrator Third-person narrator Third-person omniscient narrator Third-person limited narrator Point of View/ Perspective P OINT OF V IEW 4 S HORT S TORIES Short Story Type of Narrator Characteristics “Pins and Needles” 1 st -person narrator, soldier writing on notepad --detached, void of emotion, desensitized --“routine dull impressions” (16) --“I’m much less bored” (17) “The Old Nurse’s Story” 1 st -person narrator, Hester the nurse --young, devoted to Miss Rosamond --sentimental, susceptible --“lonely young things” (1320) --impressed by wealth, status (1320), (1324) --Why does the family servant tell the story? “Imagination Dead Imagine” Unknown “Bartleby, the Scrivener” 1 st -person narrator, Bartleby’s boss P ASSAGE FROM “P INS AND N EEDLES “We got rid of the third tank by loading a bazooka with snuff.
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Unformatted text preview: The guys inside the tank knocked their heads so hard against the windshield that they came out cadavers. Only the driver was still alive. But he caught his head in the wheel and couldnt get out. So rather than ruin the tank, we cut off the guys head (13). 2 P ASSAGE FROM T HE O LD N URSE S S TORY I was very uneasy in my mind after that. I durst never leave Miss Rosamond, night or day, for fear lest she might slip off again, after some fancy or other; and all the more, because I thought I could make out that Miss Furnivall was crazy, from their odd ways about her; and I was afraid lest something of the same kind (which might be in the family, you know) hung over my darling (1327). Next class: Bartleby, the Scrivener...
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Point of view - The guys inside the tank knocked their...

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