section02 - 1 Exploring Data (cont.) 3.1. Exploration with...

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1 Exploring Data (cont.) 3.1. Exploration with MultiPlot node. Many tools available in SAS Enterprise Miner enable you to explore your data further. One such tool is the MultiPlot node. The MultiPlot node is a visualization tool that enables you to explore large volumes of data graphically. The MultiPlot node automatically creates bar charts and scatter plots for the input and target. The code created by this node can be used to create graphs in a batch environment. The MultiPlot node creates a series of histograms and bar charts that enable you to examine the relationships between the input variables and the binary target variable. For this exercise, you will need to load the whole dataset myraw.xls in the same way you did it last week. However, do not throw away the data pertaining to the value 0 of the variable TARGET B. Create a new diagram in SAS EM with Input Data Source node and specify the data for it. In the Variables tab, change rejected variable roles to input . Create a MultiPlot node and connect the Input Data Source node to it. Right-click on the MultiPlot node and select Run. When prompted, select Yes to run the path. Select OK to acknowlege the completion of the run.
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section02 - 1 Exploring Data (cont.) 3.1. Exploration with...

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