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/OR4350 Introduction to Game Theory Spring 2010 Problem Set #7 Due : Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at noon in the dropbox (on 2 nd floor of Rhodes Hall) Reminder : Write your Section and NetID on the first page of your homework!!! Answers must always include complete explanations/justifications. 1. Binmore, Exercise 7.11.10 2. Binmore, Exercise 7.11.20 (for part c, it suffices to give a counterexample that
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Unformatted text preview: for some strictly risk-averse utilities for both, then the game isn’t zero-sum) 3. Binmore, Exercises 7.11.22(a) [solve using the graphical method introduced in lecture/Section 7.4.3 only] and 7.11.29 (b) [set up via the LP approach showing both the primal and the dual, and solve anyway that want]. . 4. Binmore, Exercise 7.11.33...
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