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American Civic Values Today’s society reinforces American civic values by allowing the communities to come together and assemble as a group and help fellow citizens without government involvement. Having good civic values can lead to empowerment of large groups of people to make a difference when negative issues emerge. Today’s society undermines civic values by possibly implementing unfair proposals giving government more control of issues that should be left personal. When interference of personal rights it is undermining civic values and allowing for corrupt moral acts into the media. America’s political and civil cultural is bettered by civic values because it allows for equal unbiased opportunity for all individuals. Civic values also allow individuals to practice a mixture of duty and responsibility with caring and respectfulness. Politically civic values help improve our government to serve the needs of the people rather than another agenda that may not
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Unformatted text preview: keep communities morally safe. By implementing civic values a candidate is more likely to be elected because they are showing a more realistic view that they are for the values of the everyday people, and all decisions will be morally based. There can be penalties for failing to adhere to civic values. America is a nation founded upon the attempt of holding true to the civic values of all Americans. An example of this would be the equal opportunity act; this act allows any individual to rightfully have the same opportunities as the next individual because as Americans with civic right individuals are entitled to fair treatment. If fair treatment is not given then there are penalties such as lawsuits or loss of business etc. I do however think that some of the penalties can go too far and begin to infringe on another’s civil values, finding middle ground is important when it comes to values....
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