Lec22 - A = kcos and B = ksin. Fig. 22-4a: The solution...

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Lecture 22 figures 1 Fig. 22-1: An undamped (lossless) second-order circuit. Fig. 22-2: A solution x(t) to the differential equation that governs the current and voltage in the undamped second-order circuit. -B -A B A k θ Fig. 22-3: A sinusoidal signal x(t) can be expressed as x(t) = Acos(ωt) + Bsin(ωt) or k cos(ωt - θ). These forms are equivalent iff
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Unformatted text preview: A = kcos and B = ksin. Fig. 22-4a: The solution v(t) = 2.5 V cos(t) 10 V sin(t). Fig. 22-4b: The solution i(t) = 50 mA cos(t) + 12.5 mA sin(t). Fig. 22-4c: The energy stored by the inductor W L (t) and then energy stored by the capacitor W C (t). The total energy W L (t) + W C (t) is constant....
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