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Daily activity jobs were much higher in history Distinction between daily activity and exercise Exercise Something Extra. Not part of your day. Set aside. Something you don’t have to do. Needs intent. Activity is good for weight maintenance and energy expenditure. For fitness, duration doesn’t matter. Exercise For Nutrition- Why to promote it as beneficial Aids in achieving nutritional adequacy. You eat more because you need more which means more nutrients. Appetite regulation Essential for weight loss Maintenance Energy expenditure= in lean mass= in BMR= appetite. Helps prevent chronic disease Heart disease: HDL capilarization- density of small blood vessels, more blood flow. Cancer: breast, colon. Osteoporosis- exercise strengthens bones Elderly- strength= ability for self care Elderly need strength more than young people quality of life for elderly Psychological Benefits Less depression, more vitality, better outlook, better food choices Types of Exercise Aerobic Exercise Repetitive rhythmic use of large muscle groups oxygen demand (releasing energy) breathing= heart rate = oxygen use correlates with energy demand o faster you’re breathing, faster you’re burning calories and releasing energy. Benefit Cardiovascular conditioning Strengthening heart muscle Gaining Some muscle Large energy expenditure Strength Exercise Works isolated muscles to failure With rest periods Energy expenditure is lower than aerobic Heart rate is lower Cardiovascular conditioning is lower lean mass= BMR less calories burned during exercise, but BMR goes on all day and there is in total energy expenditure Principles In Training Adaptation physiologically to stress Exercise is applying the stress
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Then you must rest so the body can recover and adaptation can occur Applying continuous stress prevents adaptation When you rest, you come back stronger Cycle: stress, rest, adapt Too much stress of too continuous stress- your body can’t handle it Considerations in Applying Exercise Aerobic Training FIT Principle Frequency- how often Daily is better 3 days/week for improvement 1-2 day/week to maintain 4-5 days/week- daily is best Intensity Heart rate used to monitor intensity- beats per minute Heart rate and intensity show which system is being used. Aerobic o Target heart rate based on maximum heart rate o Formula- Max heart rate= 220-age Anaerobic o Target heart rate- 60-80% of Max heart rate. Time
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