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Axia College Material Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event Operation Cabanas 2000 Cordoba, Argentina In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning Organizing I had to do the testing of each soldier that was going to be deployed for the mission. Go through their records to maintain their vital information of emergency contact, allergies, pay, deployment ability. Finding who Spanish speaking accesses and leadership back ground. Drug screenings and back ground checks were used. Medical conditions
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Unformatted text preview: were researched for ease of mission completion. Getting the list of names of soldiers so their orders were able to printed and turned in for deployment. Leading Controlling I made every soldier give me additions or subtractions of their information for record perfection. I had to transport the soldiers to their screening sites and coordinate their chow hall facility access. Making sure that every soldier had all of their needed items correct upon departure time. All changes were adhered to by the rater or soldier for minimization of long term or later complications. BUS 210...
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