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SOCL 3371 Notes - SOCL 3371-Test 1 15:35 ******Read Case...

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Unformatted text preview: SOCL 3371-Test 1 15:35 ******Read Case 1---Salem Witch Trial******* ******Pay attention to the vocabulary on the sides of the book pages…could be fill in the blanks on tests****** 1/22/10 ******Read Chapter 1 for Monday******* Case #1- The Salem Witch Trials A. Wanted to establish a society that is run by those who believe in one law, the Law of God a. Closest thing to a theocracy we’ve seen (run by religion) B. Witchcraft posed a threat to the Puritans because it challenges God’s supremacy a. Essentially making a pact with the Devil C. In 1692, we have already embraced the idea of slavery a. Went along with the Puritans views obviously. Because of this comes the introduction of different religious beliefs=”witchcraft” D. Initial problem of witchcraft began in the Parris house, the father who was a preacher a. Blown so much out of proportion because the town didn’t want him to be reverend in the first place so pretty much there was a “crisis of legitimacy in authority of Parris.” The basis of the people’s argument was if you can’t control your own house, how can you control the townspeople and keep things in line E. It grew so big and spread outside of the household because of ACCUSATIONS. The people who were confessing would be forgiven in so many words if they told who else was a witch…accusation almost always = lies. F. The first accused were all outsiders, beggars, slaves which means they were the most vulnerable to the accusations. a. After the most vulnerable were accused, you then saw very respectable, wealthy people being accused G. Because of the growing numbers, you have to ask yourself how willing are people to accept people as criminals and carry out the due punishment, without really knowing if they committed the crime or not. H. The crushing/stoning was not a form of execution per se but a form of interrogation. If you admit and give us names, we’ll let you go I. After the large numbers began to grow, the legitimacy of the evidence given began to be questioned a. Changed the types of evidence that can be produced in trials, even today J. The way criminal justice was handled back then and now is almost the same because the roots of our criminal justice systems lie in England K. They did not receive fair trials because the trials were based on spectral evidence (apparitions, cannot use the 5 senses to prove the evidence is true), so there was no empirical evidence. These days, spectral evidence cannot be used L. Witchcraft came here with the Europeans long after the institution of it in continental Europe...
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SOCL 3371 Notes - SOCL 3371-Test 1 15:35 ******Read Case...

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