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western civ. notes test 1 - History Rewrite Notes Germany...

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History Rewrite Notes: “Germany” geographic expression: part of map where German is spoken, made up of about 450 small and large states Names of those german states taken after names of the rulers German giant: Prussia, very large country poor. Ruled by HottenRollern, Prussia tried to conquer everyone around it that was not German Habsburg empire/Called Austria, Capital of Austria is Vienna: Danube River runs through Habsburg oldest and grandest of European families Saxony ruled by Frederick of Saxony, north of Austria, south of Prussia, martin luther comes from Saxony City of Hanover- northern German States current ruling family of England comes from hanover Bavaria-munich of the southern german states Holy Roman Empire- by 1800 was not Holy, and not an Empire, HRE went to Habsburgs though they didn’t rule Germany Habsburgs believe they could put Germany together Habsburg family hadSeries of early deaths and marriages ( ruled spain and Austria) Netherlands-Belgium and Holland belonged to the Habsburgs, they also owned Lombardi (a place of wealth) They had acces to the Rhine River 1516- Charles of the Habsburgs becomes King in spain, 3 years later, HRE known as Charles V, because he was 5 th Charles to serve in HRE
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Poland- northwest of Prussia in between Russia and Prussia Pope Bonafic e tried to expand churchs power (soon after 1300)
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western civ. notes test 1 - History Rewrite Notes Germany...

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