The Essentials of Computer Organization And Architecture

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COSC 2425 Lab Assignment for Chapter 3 a. Draw a half-adder using only NAND gates. b. Draw a full-adder using only NAND gates. If you click on the drawing icon on the Word toolbar, a pop-up menu button called AutoShapes will appear beside the draw button on the drawing menu at the bottom of your screen. The flow chart option will provide basic shapes like the ones below that you can use to draw your circuit diagrams. Note that I drew a curve line to convert the OR gate to an XOR on the left below.
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Unformatted text preview: You may use the tools available in Word, or any other program that will support the gate symbology and can be inserted into a Word document, or you may draw the gates by hand using a template device and scan the drawing into a digital image and imbed it in a Word document. This assignment is due on the date and time indicated in the syllabus....
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