2010 Spring COSC 2425 syllabus

The Essentials of Computer Organization And Architecture

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COSC 2425Computer Organization and Machine Langauge Spring 2010 Syllabus Section 6426 Internet Section 6001, 4 credit hours, TR Lecture 11:00-12:20, Lab 12:30-1:50 W60A Instructor: Sam Stamport e-mail: sam.stamport@gmail.com I. Course Description COSC 2425 Computer Organization and Machine Language Basic computer organization; instruction cycle; digital representation of data and instructions; assembly language programming, assembler, macros, subroutines, and program linkages. (3 Lec., 3 Lab.) Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 1102015407 II. Prerequisites Computer Science 1436 or demonstrated competence approved by the instructor. . III. Course Competencies The following competencies will be measured through tests, and lab assignments. Each student will be required to demonstrate understanding and ability to apply: a. Basic organization and functionality of von Neumann machines. b. Representation and execution of machine instructions, implementation of machine language constructs from higher level programming statements. c. Assembly language and machine language coding. d. Computer memory organization and management. e. Data communication and transfer, interrupts, I/O fundamentals. f. Operation of the control unit, instruction management. g. Multiprocessing and alternative architectures. h. Definition and functionality of modern OS’s. i. Operating principles, scheduling of tasks in operating systems. j. Basic memory management by an operating system. k. Introduction to language translation: comparison of interpreters and compilers; language phases; machine dependent and machine independent aspects of translation; language translation as a software engineering activity. l. Language based constructs for parallelism: communication primitives for tasking models with explicit communication; communication primitives for tasking models for shared memory; programming primitives for data parallel models; comparison of language features for parallel and distributed processing; optimistic concurrency control vs. locking and transactions; asynchronous remote procedure calls. m. Architecture for networks and distributed system: Introduction to LANs and WANs; layered protocol design, ISO/OSI, IEEE 802; impact of architectural issues on distributed algorithms; network computing; distributed multimedia. a) Course Materials Text: 1
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COSC 2425Computer Organization and Machine Langauge Spring 2010 Syllabus The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture , Second Edition, Linda Null and Julia Lobur, Jones and Bartlett, Inc., 2006, ISBN 978-0-7637- 3769-6. b) Assistance, Tutoring and Additional Resources for Success a. I am hoping that we can again have a Computer Science tutor. As of the writing of this document (December 18, 2009) we are without a Computer Science tutor. If we do not have one by the 2 nd week of the semester it is because my efforts have failed. It is up to you to contact Dean Ergish and
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