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A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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Reviewing the Basics 1. Name five job roles that can all be categorized as a PC technician. 2. Of the five jobs in Question 1, which one job might never include interacting with the PC’s primary user? 3. Assume that you are a customer who wants to have a PC repaired. List five main characteristics that you would want to see in your PC repair person. . 4. What is one thing you should do when you receive a phone call requesting on-site support, before you make an appointment? 5. You make an appointment to do an on-site repair, but you are detained and find out that you will be late. What is the best thing to do? 6. When you arrive for an on-site service call, how important is your greeting? What would be a good greeting to start off a good business relationship? 7. When making an on-site service call, what should you do before making any changes to software or before taking the case cover off a computer?
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8. What should you do after finishing your PC repair?
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