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A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. How many pins are on a DDR3 DIMM? DDR2 DIMM? 2. How many pins are on a DDR DIMM? SDRAM DIMM? 3. How many notches does a DDR 3 DIMM have? 4. Which two metals might be used for the edge connectors of memory modules and memory slots they install in? 5. What was the first type of DIMM that ran synchronized with the system clock? 6. What major improvement did DDR make over regular SDRAM? 7. When a DIMM has chips on both sides of the module, do the pins on one side of the module work independently or dependent to pins on the other side of the module? 8. What prevents a DDR DIMM from being installed in a DDR2 DIMM slot on a motherboard? 9. Which module, a DDR3 or DDR2 DIMM, uses lower voltage? 10. In a memory ad for DIMMs, you notice 64Meg ×72 for one DIMM and 64Meg ×64 for another DIMM. What does the 72 tell you about the first DIMM?
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11. A DIMM that contains memory chips in two memory banks on the module is said to be ______. 12. Generally, which DIMM gives better performance, a single-ranked DIMM or a dual-
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CH7REVIEW - REVIEWING THE BASICS 1 How many pins are on a...

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