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REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. Why are notebooks usually more expensive than PCs with comparable power and features? 2. What type of manual is important to have before you disassemble a notebook? 3. Why is it important to reinstall the OS on a notebook from the recovery CDs rather than using a retail version of the OS? 4. Which is likely to have more features, a port replicator or a docking station? 5. What was the first bus used by PC Card slots? 6. What bus is used by a CardBus slot? 7. What bus is used by ExpressCard slots? 8. Can you use an ExpressCard card in a CardBus slot? In a PC Card slot? 9. Can you install and use two Type I PC Card cards in a single Type III CardBus slot?
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10. What prevents a CardBus card from being inserted in a PC Card slot? 11. Name three types of wireless technologies that are used with notebooks. 12. What type of battery is currently used with notebooks? 13. What type of device changes DC to AC? 14. To what ACPI mode does Vista sleep mode correspond?
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CH21REVIEW - REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. Why are notebooks...

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