A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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1. Blue screen errors happen when which type of processes encounter an error? 2. Which Vista tool keeps a record of STOP errors and allows you to view a history of these errors? 3. When you allow Windows XP Error Reporting to send a report to Microsoft of an error, what does Microsoft give in return? 4. What is the command to use the Vista Memory Diagnostics tool? 5. What method can you use to test memory on a Windows XP system by using the Vista Memory Diagnostics tool without having to install Vista on the system? 6. What is the command to use the System File Checker to immediately verify system files? To verify system files on the next restart? 7. Why might it not be wise to use the Driver Verifier tool on a computer that serves up files to an office of 10 people? 8. A blue screen error halts the system while it is booting, and the booting starts over in an endless loop of restarts. How can you solve this problem? 9. What three Windows tools can be used to verify that a driver is digitally signed? 10.
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