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REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. Give two popular examples of broadband technology. 2. Which type of broadband connection does Windows assume, on-demand or always-up? 3. What is the purpose of DSL filters on phone jacks in your home? 4. Which type profile that Vista assigns to a network connection offers the least security? 5. What is the speed in bits per second of a 1000BaseT Ethernet network? 6. What is the maximum length of an Ethernet cable on a 100BaseT network? 7. What is the first configuration change you should make when you first install a router? 8. How is a DHCP reservation on a router used? 9. Which command is used to find the DNS server’s information about a domain name? 10. Which command is used to find the host name of a computer when you know its IP address? 11. Which command can give you the hop count from your computer to another?
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12. What parameter can be added to the Netstat command so that you can see what program is responsible for a network connection? 13. Which editions of Windows can be used to serve up Remote Desktop? 14. Which is the easiest way to initiate a Remote Assistance session? 15. What is the listening port for Windows XP Remote Desktop?
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