A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. What industry is required by law to use the HIPAA security standards? 2. Classifying the rights assigned to a computer user depend on what one factor? 3. What applet in the XP Control Panel is used to reset a password? 4. What must a user do in order to use his password reset disk to log onto Windows? 5. Name three types of passwords that can be set in BIOS setup. 6. What is the default encryption protocol that Windows uses when sending an account name and password to a domain controller for validation? 7. What is the name for a small device that contains authentication information keyed into a logon window to gain access to a network? 8. What is the purpose of a digital certificate? 9. Who assigns a digital certificate? 10. Why is the name of your pet not a strong password? 11. In what situation might a blank password be better than an easy-to-guess password?
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12. Which has more rights, a standard account or a guest account? 13.
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CH19REVIEW - REVIEWING THE BASICS 1 What industry is...

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