C By Discovery (4th Edition)

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1 Intermediate Programming CSE 1320 Lecture 01 Characteristics of C • Language level – Intermediate to high • Programming environment – interpretation: translates and executes sequentially – Compilation: source code object code • Preprocessing: strip comments, expand macros, handle preprocessor directives • Translating: source code to assembly language • Optimizing: makes assembly more efficient • Assembling: assembly language to machine language • Linking: brings libraries and creates executable file Characteristics of C (contd) • Portability – Executes properly without modifications on all types of computers • Compiler and operating system • ANSI standards for C • Maintenance – Maintenance phase • Application changes • Bugs in the original code – Structured programming • Modular • Readable • Easily maintained/modified Fundamentals • Reserved words – Keywords: part of the language itself • Identifiers – Allowed sequence of characters used to
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Lecture01 - Characteristics of C Language level...

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