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Intermediate Programming CSE 1320 Lecture 04 Chapter 2: 2.5-2.8 while Loop • Iterative construct while (expression) statement while (correct == 0) correct = process(); getchar() and putchar() • getchar: reads a character from the keyboard and returns the corresponding integer value as type int • putchar: takes an argument of type int and outputs the corresponding ASCII character on the terminal screen #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int iochar; while ((iochar = getchar()) != EOF) putchar(iochar); return 0; } Logical Operators and Expressions combine control expressions ! logical-not exp1 !exp1 true false false true exp1 exp2 true true true true false false false - false || logical-or exp1 exp2 exp1 || exp2 true - true false true true false false false Logical Operators and Expressions i = 3; j = 0; printf(“%d\n”, i || ++j); printf(“%d\n”, j); printf(“%d\n”, j & i++); printf(“%d\n”, i); Precedence of Logical Operators logical-not
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Lecture04 - while Loop Intermediate Programming CSE 1320...

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