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1 Intermediate Programming CSE 1320 Lecture 10 Chapter 5: 5.1-5.3 Introduction to Strings • Sequence of characters terminated by ‘\0’ • String constants: inside double quotes (“) “CSE1320” printf(“CSE1320”); C S E 1 3 2 0 \0 String vs Array of Characters • Array of characters – A string must have a null character as the string terminator while a character array does not require the ‘\0’ • Pointer to a character char *char_ptr; char_ptr = “CSE1320”; printf(char_ptr); String Indexing • Array indexing char_ptr[0] == ‘C’ char_ptr[3] == ‘1’ • Pointer arithmetic and dereferencing *char_ptr == ‘C’ *(char_ptr+6) == ‘0’ printf and scanf printf(“String is %s\n”, char_ptr); scanf(“%s”, char_array); – Parameter is the address of an array with enough space to handle the input – First sequence of characters that does not contain a whitespace character. – Input leaves the first whitespace character in the input buffer H e l l o C S E 1 3 2 0 \n C S E 1 3 2 0 \n Input Buffer H e l l o \0 String Example #include <stdio.h> int main(void) {
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Lecture10 - Introduction to Strings Intermediate...

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