C By Discovery (4th Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Intermediate Programming CSE 1320 Lecture 19 Chapter 12: 12.1-12.3 Introduction to C++ • General purpose language – Developed in early 1980’s – Bjarne Stroustrup • Goals – Retain power and flexibility of C • C is almost a subset of C++ (should compile) – Support Object Oriented Programming • Stronger type checking – More compile-time errors – Less run-time errors C++ Stream Output // Inline commenting style #include < iostream.h > int main () { cout << “CSE1320\n”; return 0; } type ostream Operator overloading insertion operator (ostream << display;) integer bitwise shift to the left (intval << nbits;) Displayed when program ends, buffer is full, program prepares for input, line buffering ‘\n’. #include <iostream.h> int main() { int width, height; cout << “Area of a Rectangle\n” << “--------------------------\n\n”; cout << “Enter the height: “; cin >> height; cout << “Enter the width: “; cin >> width; cout << “The area is “ << height*width << “\n”; return 0; } C++ Stream Input istream extraction operator cin >> height; Fundamental Types • Integer types – Signed • signed char • char • short • int • long – Unsigned • unsigned char • unsigned short • unsigned int • unsigned long • Floating point types – float – double – long double • bool: true (non-zero) and false (0) • Used for types of expressions – Conditionals: if and if-else statements – Loops • while loop • do-while loop • for statement test – any place where true and false Type bool 2 • inline as first token in function header (very short and no loops-control statements) + Speed up execution (avoid control transfer) + Use like macros, but safer since work exactly like functions (parameter passing) + Code is expanded at the point of the function call- Increase size of object code- Harder to debug Inline Functions #include <iostream.h>#include <iostream....
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Lecture19 - 1 Intermediate Programming CSE 1320 Lecture 19...

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