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CSE 1320 – Section 001 Midterm 1 (Practice B) Name:_____________________________________________________Grade: ___________ [100pts] 1. Predict the output of the program below that uses increment operators and precedence. Write the output in the spaces below. Write one character per space. Indicate end of lines with the symbol ‘\n’. [10pts] int a, x, y; __________12_\n__________ x = y = 2; __________27_\n__________ x = ++y; _________________________ printf(“%d\n”, 3*x+ y--); _________________________ a = 5*(x++) – 2*x; _________________________ printf(“%d\n”, a * ++y); 2. Write a function gcd(int x, int y) to find the greatest common divisor for the integers x and y such that x, y > 0. The function should return an integer. Your code should contain the heading, declarations, blocks, and statements necessary. [10pts] int gcd(int x, int y) { while (y > 0) { x = y; y = (x % y); } return x; } 3. Implement the power function power(int x, int n) without using the pow function or the multiplication operation. With regards to arithmetic operations, you are allowed to use only addition and compound assignment. The function returns the integer value x
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