Marijuana should not be legalized because

Marijuana should not be legalized because - M arijuana...

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Marijuana should not be legalized because: There are more than thousands of scientific research studies that verify marijuana is a dangerous, unsafe, and addictive drug that impair the cognitive ability of learning and memory. According to recent studies there is not one consistent study that conveys marijuana has any medical significance. Marijuana major’s active ingredient, THC, along with other 400 chemicals is unstable and can covert to thousands of supplementary when smoked (Department of Justice, 1999). These chemicals and supplement are usually lethal that can intensify psychological disorders and its smoke damages the lung. Like alcohol marijuana produce mild hallucination that impairs “perceptual skills, motor coordination, and reaction time necessary for safely operating an automobile or other machine”. In addition, marijuana is not limited to the following: cancer, obsession, psychological disorders, and increased aggressiveness (Department of Justice, 1999). Finally, the Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the
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