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QUIZ #1 (2/5/09) (more on back) Name: Write a mass balance equation for a substance “C” in which there is degradation of C (first order), an input flow, two output flows, and the system is NOT at steady state. Assume that the system is well-mixed and can be approximated by a CSTR. (3 pts) VdC/dt = Q in C in – Q out1 C – Q out2 C -kCV 1. Sketch a typical logistic growth curve with time (t) on the x-axis and number (N) on the
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Unformatted text preview: y-axis (3 pts). 2. List two important greenhouse gases other than CO 2 . (2 pts) CH 4 , N 2 O, halocarbons, O 3 , aerosols, H 2 O vapor 4. Briefly explain why the actual realized surface temperature on earth lags behind the predicted equilibrium temperature. (2 pts) Because it takes a while for the upper layer of the oceans and the surface of the land to warm up. N time...
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