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Briana Lucero English 110 Professor Stephanie Capaldo Mini-Outline June 14, 2010 Mini-Outline In this paper I will prove how Kalle Lasn’s use of ethos, pathos and logical fallacies appeal to cultural texts and how he critiques and analyzes. First of all, Lasn uses ethos to describe the credibility of reliability, competence, and respect for the audience. In my first body paragraph I talk about how exquisite grammar, word choice, and fair-minded presentations take over people’s lives and make them fall into the world of advertising. Second of all, pathos evokes the reader’s emotions by touching the heart. In the same instance the language is
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Unformatted text preview: emotionally loaded with emotional examples and vivid descriptions. Lastly in the body paragraphs logical fallacies that appeal to non sequitur, ad hominem, and hasty or faulty generization. In general non sequitur does not follow, ad hominem only attacks personal characters, and hasty or faulty generization draws conclusions all of these logical fallacies are arguments that help successfully dispute arguments. In conclusion, without ethos, pathos, and logical fallacies Lasn’s story would not be a successful analysis and filled with various critiques....
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