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Final paper for the cult ur in

Final paper for the cult ur in - Lucero1 Briana Lucero...

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Lucero1 Briana Lucero English 110 Stephanie Capaldo Essay: “The Cult You’re In” June 16, 2010 “The Cult You’re In” Kalle Lasn, a well know critic and author of, “The Cult You’re In” which successfully conveys the different types of advertising by giving a vast number of examples in his persuasive story. This story identifies different roles and behaviors patterns that people did not personally choose. Lasn sends a message that advertisement in the United States take over people’s lives without them even realizing it. Lasn also states his thesis, “We have been recruited into roles and behavior patterns we did not consciously choose.” (Lasn, 333). His thesis explains that every person has been seduced into a cult of mindless consumers. This essay will be focus on ethos, pathos and logical fallacies in this rhetorical essay. Additionally, the author uses ethos to describe beliefs and ethnics of advertisers and people today. Ethos tends touch the eyes and ears of individuals through presentation and through words. In many cases individuals have problems that, “You can’t run from…but you may as well drive. Road trip.” (Lasn, 332). To describe this further no one person can run from their problems that they themselves have created because without those problems people would not be who they are today. Also, this was classified as ethos because of the style of the wording and how the author described a different prospective of a way out. Many people would not have the same thought process as Lasn does in his persuasive story.
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Lucero4 The advertisers are everywhere people look and are without a doubt the number one subject on their minds. Advertisements show up, “In your bed, in your little apartment, in the very town you grew up in.” (Lasn, 333). To broaden this quote more, now days whenever people go to the stores or see commercials on the television they are at a constantly reminded of all the advertisers out there. Since there are so many advertisers in the world each one of them are try to make you but their product other than their opponents and that is why every individual grows up with advertisements all around them. Furthermore, this intertwines ethos by advertising and the
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