English 110 Out Line of the cult ur in

English 110 Out Line of the cult ur in - 1 Briana Lucero...

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English 110 Professor Stephanie Capaldo English 110 Out-Line June 10, 2010 “The Cult You’re In” Topic: Argument about Cultural Criticism General Purpose: To make augmentative claims Specific Purpose: To produce a well-conceived argument prose. Central Idea: To inform my audience about the ethos, pathos and logical fallacies. Introduction: Kalle Lasn, a well know critic and author of, “The Cult You’re In” which successfully conveys the different types of advertising by giving a vast number of examples in his persuasive story. This story identifies different roles and behaviors patterns that people did not personally choose. Lasn sends a message that advertisement in the United States take over people’s lives without them even realizing it. In this essay I will be focusing on ethos, pathos and logical fallacies in this rhetorical essay. Body: (Transition: Additionally, the author uses ethos to describe beliefs and ethnics of the advertisers and people today.) I. Ethos tends to touch the eyes and ears of individuals through presentation and through words. A. In many cases individuals have problems that, “You can’t run from…but you may as well drive. Road trip.” (Lasn, 332) 1. No one person can run from their problems that they themselves have created because without those problems people would not be who they are today. 1
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English 110 Out Line of the cult ur in - 1 Briana Lucero...

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