Critical Analysis on Facebook ESSAY

Critical Analysis on Facebook ESSAY - L ucero1 Briana...

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Lucero1 Briana Lucero Stephanie Capaldo English 110 June 23, 2010 Cultural Criticism As I lay on my bed trying to write my English essay for college, an instant message pops up from my new boyfriend John. I immediately get up and run to my computer full of excitement and I almost instantly start typing and telling him how much I miss him. Then I realize why couldn’t I do this while I was sitting there trying to work on my English? This is because many individuals are very distracted by Facebook and other sorts of blogs and emails. While this is bad, it is also good because Facebook allows individuals to keep in touch with friends that they might not have without Facebook. According to Facebook’s press room, Facebook started up in February of 2004. This essay will talk about the pro’s, the con’s, and both the pro’s and con’s together to better understand Facebook and its effects on society. In many cases, Facebook is a very interesting way for many people to interact with one another who share their experiences with others, and play free video games. Facebook keeps a vast number of individuals in contact with their friends and family. According to , over 160 million people who have Facebook interact with their friends and family. Also, many teenagers find it as an easier way to ask their friends questions that they normally would not be able to ask them if they were in person. For example, say if a friend on Facebook has a problem with you dating their best guy friend that they secretly like. The only problem is that you have no idea that they feel this way, so the friend
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Lucero2 could approach you in a message on Facebook. This is a perfect way for many individuals to explain their feelings in a way where they can say private information to others in a civilized way. Facebook is also a good way for friends to share experiences with friends and family who have moved far away. The reason for this is because many teens tend to move away due to college and lose touch with their friends. So when they add photos to their Facebook this allows their friends to share the experience with them. With photos many individuals can show different
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Critical Analysis on Facebook ESSAY - L ucero1 Briana...

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